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Due to high demand, RCIIS classes can fill up quickly. Please apply as soon as possible to ensure a spot in the schedule that best suits your needs.

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Our programs are based on the number of hours you will study each week


We offer morning, afternoon and evening programs for all language levels

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ESL Foundation

Building a strong foundation is the most important thing when learning a new language. This course is designed to offer more opportunities to ESL learners so they can develop all four language skills optimally. It has been established to provide students with vocabulary and grammatical structures required for everyday life, utilizing the latest teaching methodology in a fun-filled atmosphere. With a focus on both accuracy and fluency, this three-month course will prepare students for the other various programs in our school.

Entry Level: Beginner (Various levels)

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Pre-Academic (Levels 1 to 4)

Pre-Academic courses (levels 1-4) are designed for students who want to improve their general English competency and have a better opportunity to become familiar with academic English components. Students must have sufficient English ability in order to be accepted into the various levels of this program. These courses not only aim to provide a foundation into the IELTS and EAP programs, but also to help students reach a higher level of ESL proficiency.

Entry Level: Various levels

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EAP - English for Academic Purposes

The best way to transition from the life of an ESL student into a Canadian post-secondary institution, is through our EAP program. In this class, students will gain the academic skills necessary to succeed in college or university. Conventional ESL programs do not educate students with the skills necessary to prosper at the advanced academic level required in Canadian colleges and universities. RCIIS is uniquely positioned to offer a three-month program which fills that gap.

Entry Level: IELTS Equivalency of 5.5 or the completion of Pre-Academic 4

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AEAP - Advanced English for Academic Purposes

The Advanced EAP program is an extension of our standard EAP program which is specially designed to assist students looking to further their education by completing a postgraduate certificate. This unique program also aims to prepare students for the many challenges they might face in Canadian colleges or universities.

Entry Level: IELTS Equivalency of 6.0

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IELTS Preparation

This course has one main focus: preparing students to take the IELTS exam. Whether for academic or immigration purposes, this course will help you achieve your IELTS goal. Our instructors will push you to improve in all four components of the IELTS exam: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Our teachers help students understand IELTS reading articles while teaching them strategies such as skimming, scanning and guessing. In-class writing and speaking activities allow students to get quick feedback on their work, while mock tests and corrections will help them get a sense of their specific weaknesses.

Entry Level: IELTS Equivalency of 4.5

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Power Speaking (Levels 1 to 4)

Speaking is the key to communication. This innovative program builds strong communication skills and confidence with a strong focus on speaking skills. Power Speaking helps students with daily conversational skills, and covers a wide range of topics. It allows them to use learned expressions and vocabulary to create sentences that are used on a regular basis in real life situations.

Entry Level: Various levels

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Advanced Discussion: Contemporary Issues

In Advanced Discussion: Contemporary Issues, discussions are based on complex issues and progressive topics. This course is designed to challenge students to speak about complex issues which are deeper and more abstract. One of the primary goals of this class is to expose students to real world English through articles, blogs and journals, allowing them to experience the language in the same way native speakers do. The program includes lively and interesting discussions and debates about how globalization, culture, technology, and world events increasingly influence our world.

Entry Level: Advanced

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Grammar (Levels 1 to 3)

When it comes to learning a new language, having a strong foundation in grammar is key. Our afternoon grammar classes are designed to supplement your morning studies with additional grammar practice. We offer three grammar classes which each have a distinct focus and level. Students are placed in Grammar 1, 2 or 3 according to their English proficiency and will be evaluated on a bi-weekly basis.

Entry Level: Various levels

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Writing (General & Academic)

Writing is often neglected in favor of speaking or reading, but is no less important. Grammar 3, instead of being purely a grammar class, is actually a mix of grammar and writing. This course is designed to help you be more proficient at the kinds of writing you need to do at home, at school, and even the workplace. In addition, this class will teach you effective techniques for writing various types of essays, and has a strong focus on grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.

Entry Level: Upper-Intermediate

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Afternoon Speaking (Levels 1 to 3)

When it comes to speaking English, practice makes perfect. This program is a great way for students to supplement their morning classes with additional speaking practice. Students are placed in Afternoon Speaking 1, 2, or 3 according to their English proficiency and will be evaluated on a bi-weekly basis. Within the afternoon speaking program, there are three distinct courses, each one tailored for a specific level of English.

Entry Level: Various Levels

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Advanced Speaking & Writing

This course is designed to specifically prepare students for the speaking and writing modules of the IELTS Test. Students practice to speak fluently, clearly, accurately, and more importantly, spontaneously. The variety of themes covered during the course will serve to stimulate thinking and the use of language skills in diverse areas and provide students with ample opportunity for improvisation. Additionally, students will be able to practice task 2 of the IELTS academic writing module.

Entry Level: IELTS Equivalency of 4.0

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Customer Service & Job Preparation English

The main goal of this class is to increase the English level of students who are planning to work in the customer service industry in Canada. This course will help prepare them for the challenges they may face while working and help them create a strong English resume. In order to be successful in the class, students will be required to apply their English skills when building their resume, preparing for job interviews, and engaging with their classmates. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a letter of recommendation from their teacher as well as a program certificate which will prove a satisfactory level of English.

Entry Level: Intermediate

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STAR Accent Reduction

In this class students will learn how to create sounds of consonants and vowels which will enable them to use the proper sounds of each letter and words. Along with that, they will complete pronunciation and intonation exercises to form life-long habits that will allow them to speak much more naturally and clearly. This course allows students to learn more in a relatively short amount of time.

Entry Level: Pre-Intermediate

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STAR Drama

In this class students will further work on scripts and acting to improve the clarity of English words by adding emotions. This gives students a chance to have fun while becoming more confident in speaking. Students will be expected to practice muscle movement and pronunciation, and produce an acting performance at the conclusion of the course.

Entry Level: Pre-Intermediate

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Business Communication

The key to any business relationship is clear and precise communication. This course is designed as a general introduction to concepts and vocabulary associated with the modern business world. It is mainly a discussion course with a strong emphasis on oral communication.

Entry Level: Upper-Intermediate

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Vocabulary Connection

Vocabulary Connection is an online based, self-directed program created to help students gain an understanding of new vocabulary while also giving them the required tools to learn new words effectively on their own.

Entry Level: Intermediate

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Evening Speaking

Practicing speaking can be one of the most difficult challenges when learning English. This program is a great way for students to supplement their English goals with additional speaking practice. Within this course students will get 1on1 feedback from their teacher as well as ample opportunities to improve their speaking ability in class.

Entry Level: Intermediate


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ESL Standard

Starting at


20 hours per week

  • Tuition (12 weeks) $1,280
  • Registration fee $100
  • Health Insurance
  • Homestay 2 meals
  • Accommodation Placement
  • Airport Transfer
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ESL Intensive

Starting at


30 hours per week

  • Tuition (12 weeks) $2,475
  • Registration fee $175
  • Health Insurance (12 weeks) $210
  • Homestay 2 meals (4 weeks) $900
  • Accommodation Placement $200
  • Airport Transfer (Pick-up) $150
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We have partnerships with over 40 Colleges and Universities across Canada

  • Seneca College Pathway Partner
  • Georgian College Pathway Partner
  • Centennial College Pathway Partner
  • Sheridan College Pathway Partner
  • Conestoga College Pathway Partner
  • Fanshawe College Pathway Partner
  • Mohawk College Pathway Partner

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Extra Curricular Activities

We are always promoting and hosting events with the aim of integrating students of all backgrounds and English levels

RCIIS Halloween Party

Halloween is a big event here in Canada, and RCIIS is no different. Students get to dress up for the day and enjoy music, pumpkin carving and of course, candy!

Take a look at the video

Activities Halloween
Activities Barbecue

Toronto Island Barbecue

During the summer months, RCIIS always holds a barbecue on Toronto Island. This is a special place in Toronto which has the best views of the city.

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RCIIS College Fair

Many of our students have goals and aspirations beyond our school. RCIIS holds annual Education fairs to help put our students in touch with Pathway Partners in a more direct and interactive way.

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Activities Fair

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose RCIIS?
RCIIS is a Language School with more than 20 years of experience helping students reach their academic goals. We are very proud of our academic standards and have a proven track record of student achievement. RCIIS is located centrally in midtown Toronto, and is steps away from Davisville Subway station. This part of the city is filled with green spaces and local amenities which makes studying at our school both comfortable and convenient.
How do I know how long I need to study to reach my goal?

Prospective students can take our online test to give an indication of their current level of English. Please be aware that this test does not include speaking or writing components. This score is only to be used only as an approximation of their level. From this information our counselors will give you an estimation of the amount of time you may need for your academic plan. At the end of the day, it is your decision to determine the length of study at RCIIS.

Click here for an estimated timetable of program length and study duration. Keep in mind, this chart is only a general guide; we encourage students to plan for addition time in case they cannot achieve their original target.

Your entrance level Course Minimum study duration Average study duration
Elementary ESL Foundation 4 weeks 12 weeks
Pre-Intermediate Pre-Academic 1 4 weeks 8 weeks
Intermediate Pre-Academic 2 4 weeks 8 weeks
Upper-Intermediate Pre-Academic 3 4 weeks 8 weeks
Upper-Intermediate Pre-Academic 4 4 weeks 4 weeks
Advanced EAP 12 weeks 8 weeks
Intermediate to Advanced IELTS 4 weeks Ongoing

* Please note, if a student fails to level up during a specific course, they will be required to remain until they achieve the required score. Even if the course is repeated, students will still be required to extend their time with RCIIS and pay the corresponding fees.

What does Pre-Academic mean?

Pre-Academic is what we call our ESL programs which focus on academic English. All of these courses are part of our pathway system and lead to our EAP program which has the majority of our public post-secondary partners.

What's the difference between Power Speaking and Afternoon Speaking?

Our Power Speaking classes are full-time, concentrated programs which are offered only in the mornings. They focus on learning new vocabulary, confidence building, and 1on1 feedback from our teachers. These programs are dynamic, energetic, and will force students out of their comfort zones.

Afternoon Speaking programs are part-time programs and are used to supplement our morning classes. These are particularly useful for students looking for more speaking practice. These afternoon classes have different themes and topics depending on the level but do not use Power Speaking techniques or material.

What are the credentials of RCIIS?

Our school is a designated learning institute, a member of Languages Canada, and only hires qualified teachers for all of our programs.

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